Welcome to Longdon Hall School

Charlotte Afzal – Head of School


Thank you so much for your interest in our school. We lead a great team of professionals who are committed to providing a safe, joyful and inspiring learning environment in which all pupils can develop academically, socially, emotionally and morally to their full potential.

Our staff have a relentless determination to help every child who comes through the doors to succeed. We tell our children that it’s not what they’ve done in the past, but what they’ll do in the future that’s important. Our expectations are very high for behaviour , achievement and personal development, because we know that we can help children make much more progress than they would within a mainstream school environment.

With this in mind, we recognise that for many of our children the journey of education so far has been far from easy, which is why we think creatively about our approach to learning. We know each child well enough to be able to set ambitious, realistic targets and put in place a personalised education plan and support that is right for them.

We love nothing more than celebrating the achievements of our young people and take time to acknowledge the progress they make. We are delighted that our pupils feel confident to leave us after Year 11 to go on to further education, with most returning to mainstream education pathways having exceeded their own expectations. Due to this relentless drive of all staff to provide a safe, joyful and inspiring environment, pupils gain the skills that they require to leave Longdon Hall School as well-rounded individuals who are equipped with the skills for life after Longdon.