Staff member speaks at House of Commons

One of our members of staff, Alexander Gibbs, delivered a speech on autism at the House of Commons on Monday 11th July.

The Autism Education Trust who are sponsored by the Department for Education, develop and deliver autism training nationwide to schools through a network of hubs, and Alex who is a member on their Expert Reference Board, advises on autism strategies to support the development of the training packages.

Recently Alex was invited to the event at the House of Commons where he shared his story of living with autism and his career in supporting children and young people with autism to leading professionals from the field of autism and ministers. Alex went onto say how having skilled and knowledgeable staff in settings such as Longdon Hall can really support the development of children and young people with autism and that training is vital to keep that knowledge current.

The Autism Education Trust have a website which is full of information and downloadable resources for both schools and parents. Website: