Penpals in Vietnam

Longdon Hall have made a link with a school in Vietnam and the school received a pack of lovely letters from one of the classes over there. Ashley and Abi’s classes were excited to learn about culture and schools in Vietnam and a number of pupils have replied. We are hoping for replies soon.

Below are a couple of the letters we sent:

Dear Dung/Lucy,

Hello my name is Finley.  I’m in year 6 I am 11 years old I live in England.

We do 8:40am to 3:00pm a day at school (but not on weekends) we eat pizza sometimes. I’m not religious. The weather here is really bad. One of my hobbies is yu-gi-oh do you know what that is, right back and tell me? Some of the sports we play is football and cricket. The only tradition we really have is the full English breakfast. We don’t eat animals here we keep them as pets. What tests do you have daily at school? What is your favourite lesson in school? My favourite lesson is maths. My Vietnamese name is the same Finley.


Hello Vivi,

My name is Tom. I am 12 and I live in a town, in Stafford-shire and I look like a small prince Philip! I like watching TV, my favourite programme is ‘The Simpsons’. I also like playing football. Which sports do you like?

In England it is sometimes hot and sometimes rainy. We like eating Chinese take-away and fish and Chips and MacDonalds. In England we play a lot of football and cricket.

We go to school on Mondays to Fridays, but don’t have to go at the weekend. The school day is from 9am to 3pm. We have fun at school. In the afternoons we have options of activities and I like doing football and frisby and I sometimes go to the park and have ice cream. Tomorrow we are having our school Summer Fayre. We are going to make candy floss and play a game to test your strength and my class are doing a ‘Splat the Rat’ game!