My week in Switzerland

By Cameron K

It was finally here, the day I had been waiting for, for ages . We were off to Switzerland. We said our goodbyes to our parents and then headed off to check in and to passport control. When we finally got through we had an hour to kill so Tom and Scott were adamant they were going to sit in a restaurant, which was broadcasting a game from the Six Nations, which gave the rest of us time to stroll around the shops and chill for an hour. Then we headed off to get onto the plane. Everyone else was in high spirits, but I was not as I am not a fan of heights or flying! When we finally took off we chatted about what we thought was lying in store for us.

We arrived at Geneva airport in the dark but we had to pass through customs before we could get on the minibus which was waiting for us. Unluckily it was dark when we set off in the minibus so we could not see any of the beautiful surroundings of Switzerland. We arrived at the hotel in Leysin at 1 am so we had to be extra quiet so we didn’t wake everyone else up.

We woke up on day 1 to find the sun shining and beautiful landscapes. Once we did our morning routine we headed down for breakfast which was actually really nice. We headed off to fit our boots and had a briefing on how to use everything safely and properly. We were off to the slopes! It was only the practice slopes but it was still an impressive sight and the landscape was spectacular. It was exhilarating at first going down that slope at speed not knowing how to stop but we soon learnt and it made it a much more peaceful ride. After practicing for half the day we went to the ‘big boy’ slopes. The chair lifts were mad, especially as I don’t like heights but it was actually quite serene and peaceful. The first big boy slope we went on was catastrophic, everyone fell over like 20 times on the first slope much to the amusement of everyone else! We did the same slope for a few times and then headed back to the hotel. We were shattered and we still had a few days left. The next few days passed in a blur of exhilaration, exhaustion, scares and comedy. As soon as it had started this amazing trip was over.

We woke up early and packed and headed off to the airport to head home. When we got through all the checks we had to wait a while so everyone headed off to buy souvenirs for their families. We all then got on the plane remembering, back to rubbish English weather.