Lower School

The KS2 Curriculum

The curriculum at Key Stage 2 enables re-engagement through a thematic approach. There is a key focus on developing core skills and a prioritisation on personal development. KS2 have P1 every day for embedding key skills in line with pupils’ individual EHCP outcomes, such as: handwriting, phonics, spelling, touch-typing.
Pupil’s social needs are also taken into consideration along with any other aspects that are deemed important and these are addressed through delivery of weekly timetabled Social Communication lessons following the ‘Talk About’ programme. SMSC requirements are met through the delivery of Personal Development and RSE alongside many theme days throughout the year. Learning outside of the classroom is a key element of the Key Stage 2 curriculum. Pupils have weekly opportunities to engage in outdoor learning lessons, in our outdoor classroom, and these follow the ‘Forest Schools’ learning principles.

The Key Stage 2 Curriculum is introduced and developed on a thematic topic based curriculum (creative curriculum) and incorporates all core subjects and follows the KS1 (where applicable), KS2 and KS3 National Curriculum objectives to ensure all areas are covered. These are placed into the 3 Year, Long Term Learning Journey, which is continually updated. Alongside this thematic approach discrete intervention to support learning in numeracy and literacy will focus on pupils being able to catch up and fill in gaps in learning.

The KS3 Curriculum

At the end of each academic year the pupils in Year 7 enter the Key Stage 3 Curriculum Phase. Pupils at this Key Stage are also encouraged to develop and consolidate their key skills in greater depth as they move through the curriculum journey.
The final term of Year 9 is organised so as to focus on transition into Key Stage 4: at the end of Year 9 the pupils make their vocational option choices for Year 10 and 11.