At Longdon Hall School we believe that the word ‘curriculum’ should be interpreted in its widest meaning. It is every planned learning experience the pupils have as a member of the school, both learnt formally within a lesson or informally outside the classroom throughout the whole School day. It is all the planned activities that we organise in order to promote learning, personal growth and development. Teachers, support staff and instructors structure these experiences to ensure that they have the most positive effect on the attainment, progress and personal development of all pupils.

The school’s overall aim is achieved by continually developing a coherent curriculum enables learners to become successful learners, confident individuals and responsible citizens. Our curriculum is mapped and sequenced to include coverage of the National Curriculum, whilst also providing a range of experiences through our broad and balanced curriculum. At Longdon Hall
School, personalisation is the key to everything that we do. The curriculum is matched to the individual needs of pupils, whilst taking into account particular SEND needs.

Longdon Hall School aims to promote a curriculum that enables:

  • Every child to receive the education they need to be motivated, independent learners;
  • Every teacher to be equipped to provide an ambitious, flexible and broad curriculum that reengages pupils with learning through a an approach that tailors learning to their interests, life experiences and backgrounds incorporating vocational as well as academic pathways and opportunities;
  • Every parent and carer to know how their child is doing, what they need to do to improve and how they can support their child and teachers.


For further detail, please review our Curriculum Policy

The graduated approach at Longdon Hall School